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Male Extra: Pro’s & Con’s of this Male Enhancement product

The guide to Male Extra

It’s crazy how your performance in bed can go as far as affecting your everyday life. A good number of research studies show that men experiencing sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction are more likely to suffer from low self-esteem than the alpha dudes whose game is above average. With low self-esteem, it not just your social life that is affected, but it’s also common to see it interfere with how you work and different other aspects of your life. This is something that’s seen in so many men across the world.

The good news for you – if you are in this predicament – is that there are so many ways of approaching and dealing with the issue. One of the very best approaches is through male sex enhancement pills. These are basically some tablets that are used to improve your sexual performance over some time. Male Extra is a good example of such pills, and in this review, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about it plus the pros and cons of using it.

What is Male Extra?

Male Extra is a male sex enhancement supplement manufactured and sold by Vobue Limited. The supplement has been around for well over nine years now, and it still remains one of the highest-rated supplements in this industry. More than 12 million pills have been sold so far, with over 150,000 customers submitting positive feedback! The numbers speak for themselves, guys, and that’s why Male Extra is worth your consideration.

According to the manufacturer, Male Extra packs all the right ingredients to deliver harder and long-lasting erections. This means that male Extra is for all the guys who are struggling to get an erection or the men whose erections are barely hard enough to be felt. On top of that, the supplement allows you to maintain your erections for a much longer duration, which translates to an extended, more intense, and fulfilling intercourse for both you and your partner. 

How Does Male Extra Work?

Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes when you are chilling and minding your business, then suddenly you get sexually stimulated, and your dick shoots up? It’s quite a process, but allow me to simplify it as much as possible for you.

When a man gets sexually stimulated, blood flow to the penis tissues is increased. This fills the tissues with blood making them stiff, thus resulting in an erection. This means that reduced blood flow to the tissues is bound to affect not just the thickness and hardness of your erections but also whether you will get one in the first place.

Male Extra, just like some of the other male sex enhancement pills, taps into this phenomenon to improve your sexual performance. But, what makes Male Extra stand out from the rest is the combination of some of the best ingredients that are proven to boost the vasodilation of the blood vessels in your penis to enhance the flow of blood to fill up the tissues for a rock-hard erection. And since more blood is getting to the tissues around this area, it means that oxygen and other nutrients will be readily available, and hence fatigue is delayed. This basically makes you a stallion in bed. Who wouldn’t want that?

What Does Male Extra Contain?

The secret behind the success of this supplement lies with the proven formula. This supplement features a collection of various natural ingredients with a proven track record of treating male sexual issues. What I like the most about this formula is the fact that the manufacturer is open enough to show us the ingredients contained and the dosage for each one of them. This is undeniably better than all the products hiding behind “Top Secret Proprietary Blends.”

From the company’s transparency, we get a rare opportunity to know whether the amounts added are enough to yield the desired results. In essence, it puts us in a position to determine whether the compounds included can work or not without even using the supplement.

Here are some of the ingredients added here:

L-Arginine HCl (600 mg)

L-Arginine is the star in this formula, and it makes perfect sense. This amino acid has been featured in numerous studies investigating its effectiveness in enhancing sexual performance. Most of the studies have reported excellent results.

Based on these studies, when L-Arginine is ingested, it gets converted into Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide is very useful because it relaxes and widens the blood vessels in your penis. As a result, more blood is pumped, which leads to even harder and long-lasting erections.

At 600mg, I’d say that there is enough of the amino acid to make a substantial impact. However, this thing takes time to work. In the studies involving L-Arginine, the users had to wait for at least 3-4 weeks to start noticing the results.

Pomegranate 40% Ellagic Acid (500 mg)

Pomegranate is not a very common ingredient in male sex enhancement supplements. Actually, the manufacturer admits that they are the first company to introduce the ingredient in such a product. Their confidence in the compound is based on some studies which showed that Ellagic acid is a great anti-oxidant. This protects both the cells and nitric oxide from free radicals, thus retaining optimal blood flow. Additionally, Ellagic Acid is believed to delay fatigue hence giving you the endurance you need to leave your partner panting after each round!

Methyl Sulfonyl Methane MSM (100 mg)

MSM supplies Sulphur, which is very useful in maintaining healthy cells and building new ones. Its presence here serves to keep the cells of the tissues in your penis even healthier while supporting the growth of new cells, which will improve the size of your penis as well as the erections.

L-Methionine (100 mg)

This is an amino acid that helps in delaying your ejaculation. It prevents histidine from getting converted into histamine. You should know that the hormone histamine plays a part in every man’s climax, with studies showing that high amounts of the hormone are linked to premature ejaculation. This makes sense why you’d want to slow down the accumulation of histamine.

Zinc (14 mg)

The mineral is vital for the secretion of testosterone. Meanwhile, testosterone plays a critical role in different masculine functions, including sex drive and physical performance. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to have a decent supply of the mineral to keep testosterone deficiency at bay, and that’s why it is added in Male Extra.

Cordyceps (25 mg)

Cordyceps is actually a fungus that has traditionally been used by the Chinese as an aphrodisiac. It contains deoxyadenosine and cordycepic acids that are believed to stimulate sexual desire by interacting with the brain. The manufacturer of Male Extra highlights a study in which Cordyceps was shown to be very effective in enhancing both libido and erection.

Niacin (18 mg)

Niacin or Vitamin B3 promotes relaxation and expansion of blood vessels, which creates room for blood to fill up the tissues. The vitamin is believed to be so effective that it’s even been used by men with erectile dysfunction, where it delivered terrific results.

Something I love about Male Extra is the fact that each ingredient is well dosed and fairly studied, which gives me, as the users, the confidence that the item actually works. Plus, anyone can decide to check out some of the trials done on these ingredients from the links found at the bottom of the official Male Extra website.

What are the pros and cons of Male Extra?


  • It delivers thicker and harder erections
  • It spikes your sexual stamina
  • Increased sex drive
  • Features an all-natural formula
  • It comes with a money-back guarantee


  • The impact of Male Extra will start to fade when you stop taking the supplement
  • It will take at least 4 weeks to get noticeable results

How Much Does Male Extra Cost?

You can buy Male Extra online. The vendor offers free worldwide shipping on all orders. They also have a number of packages, so it should be easy to stick to your budget and needs when making your purchase. The packages include:

  • 1 Month Supply – $64.95
  • 4 Month Supply + Free Erection Gel – $197.95
  • 6 Month Supply + 2 Free Erection Gel – $249.90

Is Male Extra Safe?

For the nine months that Male Extra has been around, a majority of the users have never reported any medical complications. The natural formula has done an excellent job of keeping the supplement safe for human consumption, so you have nothing to worry about. However, you must take the supplement as directed. Also, if you have any pre-existing severe medical issues, then you may want to consult a physician as a precaution before you start taking Male Extra.

What’s the Appropriate Male Extra Dose?

Three capsules per day are enough to give you the results you need. These can be taken at any time of the day but with a meal. Most men prefer taking it in the morning with breakfast.

Final Thoughts

Sex enhancement supplements are a hot cake in the market. This is why new products come out almost every other month. For Male Extra to have survived for nine months, it’s clear that they are offering a remarkable performance that remains unmatched by the competition. So, don’t settle for average performance; try out these pills today and see how well they’ll spice up your life both in and outside the bedroom.

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