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The 3 Best Kratom Vendors To Buy in 2020

An overview of Best Kratom Vendors

Highlighting the Three Best Kratom Vendors in Business Today

If you’re interested in taking advantage of everything that the all-natural kratom herb has to offer – either for its recreational benefits or to fight back against opioid withdrawal/addiction symptoms – you want to make sure that you are purchasing the highest quality kratom available.

This inevitably means that you’re going to want to order from the best kratom vendors on the planet, kratom dealers and distributors that you can trust to provide you with only the highest quality kratom available at the fairest prices possible.

Because of the popularity of kratom over the last few years, it’s gotten both easier and more challenging to purchase high-quality kratom than ever before.

On the one hand, high-quality kratom is more available and accessible than it ever used to be in the past. Previously you either had to source kratom directly from Southeast Asia (and import it all on your own) or have to go without – but today there are more vendors offering quality kratom options and all of them are pretty easy to find online, too.

On the other hand, however, because of the popularity of kratom and because of the competition in this market there are a lot of vendors and providers that are anything but reliable, anything but reputable, and anything but trustworthy.

The last thing you want to do is buy your kratom from these vendors, vendors you can’t trust to give you 100% legitimate kratom and vendors you can’t trust to cut kratom with other materials that you don’t want to put in your body.

Thankfully though, when you do your research and due diligence and focus on the best kratom vendors on the market today – like the three vendors we highlight below – that isn’t ever going to be a problem for you any longer.

As long as you place your order with one of these three vendors (or all of these three vendors, as the case may be) you are guaranteed to get the highest quality kratom money can buy at very fair prices – usually with some of the fastest shipping in the business, too.

Golden Monk

Perhaps the most popular of all the US-based kratom companies and vendors out there right now, this company is headquartered in New Jersey and has a top-tier reputation when it comes to not only manufacturing kratom but distributing it throughout the US, too.

Each and every single package of kratom that they sell is 100% pure and 100% unadulterated, guaranteeing that what you order is exactly what you get. Transparency is a huge piece of the puzzle with this company, providing in-depth information about the strain of kratom you are purchasing on the labeling of their products but also giving you more details about where this kratom was grown, how it was harvested, and dosage directions, too.

Partnering with a number of exclusive Southeast Asian farmers and harvesters you won’t have to worry about where Golden Monk gets their kratom, either.

All of the product that they offer comes directly from farmers that have generations of history producing quality strains of kratom, kratom products that are ethically harvested in the more traditional ways throughout Southeast Asia, and kratom that is carefully processed to guarantee that it remains highly potent by the time you get it, too.

Already offering more than a dozen different strains of 100% organically sourced kratom (and adding more strains to their product catalog on a regular basis) you won’t have to hunt very hard to find an option that you are interested in trying yourself.

Shipping options throughout the United States are very reliable and lightning fast, though orders that are to be sent to addresses outside of the contiguous United States (orders to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico) are going to be a little slower – but that’s to be expected.


Another top-tier kratom vendor, this particular organization is also based out of the United States (this time in California).

Established back in 2013, over the last seven years this company has built up a reputation as being one of the most reputable and reliable kratom companies not just in the US but in the world. Customer reviews for this vendor are easy to find and glowingly positive, in large part because of the sheer volume of kratom that they offer (more than 25 different strains) but also because of the quality and caliber of the product that they sell as well.

Sourcing their kratom from Southeast Asia as well as a handful of other locales around the world (with a variety of other 100% all-natural and herbal supplements/products, too) this company is very transparent about their sourcing process in a way similar to Golden Monk.

This company has established relationships with some of the larger kratom farms in Southeast Asia, importing processed kratom ready for distribution without adding anything extra to each individual package. This allows the vendor to provide 100% pure kratom to their customers in a way that other vendors might not be able to come all because everything is handled (from start to finish) in Southeast Asia before it hits these vendors warehouses in California.

Detailed information regarding the strain of kratom you’ve purchased from this company is included on every package, including dosage information as well as tips and tricks to make the most out of everything each individual strain has to offer.

Shipping is a little bit slower coming out of California than it is with some of the other US-based operations, but this company does ship their merchandise all over the world and has a reputation for very competitive prices.

Kraken Kratom

A relative newcomer to the world of kratom distribution, this company has taken the industry by storm thanks to its incredibly fast shipping, it’s super affordable prices, and a kratom product catalog that gets larger and larger every month.

Though not able to provide quite as many strains as some of the bigger vendors in the business today (at least not yet), this company has definitely expanded rapidly compared to some of their more established competitors.

Offering high-quality strains of kratom – including some exclusive strains that are difficult to find outside of Southeast Asia – these companies also built a reputation for quality and consistency that only the best vendors in the business can match.

Shipping costs here are a little bit pricier compared to some of the other options on the market today, though they do provide fantastic packaging (discrete packaging, too) and speedy delivery service all over the world.

International delivery is (understandably) going to take a little bit longer to get to its final destination, but those global shipping options are still usually quite a bit faster than many of the other kratom vendors in the business today.

Those on the hunt for a company that stands behind their product 100% are going to appreciate this vendor quite a bit, too. Not only do they offer a full moneyback guarantee, they also offer this guarantee with zero strings attached and no questions asked.

If a customer is unhappy with their order of kratom for any reason whatsoever they can have every penny refunded immediately upon receipt of the unused kratom sent back to Kraken there are a lot of other vendors in the business that promise this kind of top-shelf service but usually aren’t willing to go as far as this company is to make sure that they deliver those expectations.

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, if you want to be sure that you are spending your money wisely on only the highest quality kratom available it’s a good idea to do business with one of the three top vendors we highlighted above.

Sure, there are other vendors out there that you can trust to provide you with high-quality options at great prices and with fast shipping – but these three that we have highlighted in this quick guide are consistently rated as head and shoulders above the rest of the pack.

The odds are pretty good that you’re going to be happy with your purchase from these three vendors, that’s for sure. It’s not a bad idea to look into each of these three options for yourself to figure out which one has the kratom strains you are most interested in trying and the prices that you are happiest with, though – just to make sure you get the best deal possible before you pull the trigger on this kind of purchase.

All in all, it’s easier today than ever before to get kratom (particularly if you are based in the United States). Use the inside information we highlighted above to narrow down your vendor choices and you’ll never have to worry about ordering the wrong stuff, paying too high a price for less than top-quality kratom, or dealing with slowpoke shipping that takes forever to get to your doorstep.

When you do business with the three vendors we outlined above your experience is always going to be fantastic!

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