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Kratom Crazy Review: The complete guide

Kratom Crazy Review

One frustrating aspect of shopping for kratom in any form would be the sheer volume of kratom vendors who are currently in business. This is a testament to the popularity of kratom, but it also shows us why something like our Kratom Crazy review is so important. While there are a number of reputable kratom vendors and manufacturers out there, you should also make it a point to be wary of the fact that companies are out there intentionally putting out poor/inferior products. Reviews and careful research will go a long way towards ensuring you don’t have a thing to worry about. We can show you in no uncertain terms whether or not Kratom Crazy is right for you.

This is a relative newcomer to the kratom vendor scene. Nonetheless, they have picked up a significant amount of attention from kratom fans over that short period of time. Some consider them to be among the top kratom vendors in the world. Others say the perks of the company, which includes a unique inventory and good prices, are offset by shoddy releases and weak customer service.

Because the kratom is not particularly regulated, it can certainly be a challenge for a newcomer to find a trustworthy vendor. To that end, we are here to help!

History And Products

Kratom Crazy is both a vendor and manufacturer. In other words, they manufacture and sell their products to a wide array of sources. The company has been around for just a few years at this point. However, they have become a vendor and manufacturer of note. They offer a wide range of products to consider. You will also find their website to be one of the most professional of the best-known or overall best kratom companies. From the moment you check out their site, you will be surrounded by both products and informational resources.

Like a lot of kratom manufacturers, we only know but so much about where they come from, as well as what goes into the making of their products. Thankfully, their website offers answers to at least some of these questions in their FAQ.

The company’s product line comes either directly from Indonesia, which is one of the specific countries in which kratom originates, or from “USA Wholesale Distributors.” You can take that to mean what you like, although it is worth noting that the majority of the reviews surrounding this company seem to be quite positive.

One thing is for certain: If you are serious about checking out this kratom vendor for yourself, you will find that just about everything currently being offered by kratom companies can be found right here:

  • Green Vein Strains: Some believe green vein kratom to be in the middle of the three strains, in terms of potency and specific benefits. It is considered to be a mild energy enhancer, combined with a mild mood enhancer. There are other benefits, as well.
  • Red Vein Strains: This strain is quite possibly the most popular of the three. This is no doubt due to the fact that red vein kratom tends to offer the most potent dose of energy boosting and mood enhancement. It is also considered to be the best strain for many chronic pain management situations.
  • White Vein Strains: This is another strong one for euphoria, although many believe it is not quite as strong as red vein kratom. It is also considered to be excellent for those suffering from depression.
  • Maeng Da: Kratom itself comes from Southeast Asia. Specific types of kratom come from different countries within Southeast Asia. Maeng Da, which is considered to be highly effective towards pain management, is one example of what we are talking about.
  • Kratom Capsules: This is one of the methods by which you can take kratom. Capsules have a certain element of convenience and ease about them. However, some kratom fans will swear to you that powder is more versatile and more effective.
  • Red Bali: Another example of a type specific to a geographic region, Red Bali is considered a winner for those who are particularly interested in the energizing effects that can be found with some types of kratom.
  • Super Green: Kratom Crazy indicates that this particular offering comes from Malaysia. It is considered by some Kratom Crazy fans to be one of their very best products.
  • Red Borneo: This is an exceptional strain for many because it offers some of the best calming effects associated with kratom that you could ever hope to find.
  • White Borneo: Enhanced concentration is one of the biggest pluses to keep in mind with this particular kratom example. However, this is also combined to an impressive degree with the fact that White Borneo can also be great at giving you enhanced endurance. This is another type of kratom that is popular among students and certain working professionals.

There are a few other offerings from Kratom Crazy, but those are the main ones you are going to want to keep in mind.

Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons associated with this name.


You can’t deny that Kratom Crazy goes to great lengths to ensure you can get absolutely everything you need from a vendor. Not only is this true in the sense of their range of products, but it is also true in the sense of everything else this company offers. The Kratom Crazy Club is a good example of what we are talking about. This is a loyalty program that offers a range of rewards for those who purchase from the site on a regular basis. You can earn coupon codes as high as 20% off by being loyal to this vendor.

Given that Kratom Crazy has one of the deepest inventories of kratom products to be found anywhere, staying loyal to them shouldn’t prove to be particularly difficult. We highlighted this above with a detailed look at their product range, but it is worth repeating here. Kratom Crazy has a great range of options and strains. Regardless of the specific kratom experience you want to have, you will find that Kratom Crazy will almost certainly be able to help.

Fast shipping options are another perk from this company. We have also noticed, while constructing this Kratom Crazy Review, that no one has reported failing to receive an order. You will also want to keep in mind that everything associated with this vendor comes with a moneyback guarantee. While some users have complained about mediocre customer service, we have found that this is not the case.

These are the benefits of the vendor. Are there any potential downsides to keep in mind?


Quite frankly, there is very little to this company that we do not care for. They are reliable. Their products seem to work wonders. They offer lots of informational resources. Their prices and shipping options are solid. These are some of the most important considerations that will drive your search for kratom vendors and/or manufacturers you can rely upon.

The worst thing we can really say about this company is that they are a little lacking with payment options. Some vendors offer a more robust array of options, so there’s really no excuse for this. The company is apparently working on this, but it would be nice to see the flexibility of this vendor come through in how you can pay for things.

Furthermore, some of the information on the site can make you a little suspect. Or at least, the lack of information in certain cases. For example, we would be curious to know even a little more about the wholesalers in which Kratom Crazy gets what ultimately winds up in their wares. Since the company has a good reputation for quality, it could obviously be argued that it doesn’t really matter.

What Other Customers Are Saying

A very small percentage of all Kratom Crazy reviews have claimed poor quality, shoddy customer service, and so forth. While we will not guarantee that you will not have such an experience, we will say that the odds of such an experience appear to be quite low. The company has one of the best reputations in the business. There are several different things you can point to, in terms of showing exactly why this is the case.

At the end of the day, we would still suggest doing your own research on everything Kratom Crazy has to offer. This includes not only learning more about their origins, but also learning about the different products that are made available. Reading a Kratom Crazy review or several from actual users will go a long way towards showing you what they have to offer.

Our advice would be to give this company a whirl. They have everything a first-time user could ever ask for. At the same time, it could very easily be said that they also have everything a more experienced user could ever ask for. We would strongly suggest putting this company at the top of your list of considerations, regardless of your experience level.

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