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Life Force Kratom : Pro’s & Con’s

Life Force Kratom: the intro

Kratom is a highly potent natural supplement that comes from various countries in South East Asia such as, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Processed kratom supplements have in recent years become extremely popular in the Western world. However, not all kratom supplements are equal when it comes to the potency and quality of the product. This is why it is very important to find the right vendor when it comes to purchasing your kratom. 

If you are purchasing from a vendor you have never purchased from before, you need to carry out due diligence to ensure that the products meet your standards. Kratom experts recommend that buyers acquire samples of the products before committing to purchasing large quantities of a particular product. One thing that you should bear in mind when you are purchasing kratom products is that Kratom has not actually been approved by the FDA as of yet. Therefore, there are no regulations and standards when it comes to kratom products.  

You need to be aware that sometimes there are scrupulous vendors out there looking to make fast money by riding on the coattails of a trend. Therefore, it is vital that you take your time when purchasing kratom from vendors you have never purchased from before. This is simply because there are some companies that might be selling fake kratom or substandard products. You should try the product for yourself in small quantities instead of taking someone’s word for it. 

In this article, we are going to be reviewing a vendor called Life Force Kratom. They are very popular in the kratom supplement industry. In this review, you will find out if they are reliable kratom vendors.

Life Force Kratom: Company Overview 

Life Force Kratom is a kratom retailer located in Dartmouth, MA. The company is a small family-operated business outfit and although they are very well known, they have not been in the industry for that long. They state that they are very focused on giving the customers what they want and providing excellent customer service in general. The best way of judging if this is true is to actually try out the service for yourself instead of taking their word for it. 

Throughout this overview of the Life Force Kratom company, we will highlight a few things to consider that are essential to analyze when it comes to reviewing a kratom seller. 

Product Range

The product range is a good indication of the legitimacy of a kratom seller. Do they have a decent range of products available for their customers? Or is their product range limited? There are plenty of strains available therefore, a good kratom seller should have a good number of options available. A customer-focused kratom seller should think about what the customer needs and address those needs.

If you take a look at Life Force Kratom, you will notice that they have a good amount of products available for their customers. They have plenty of strains to choose from which is always a good sign when purchasing from a kratom vendor. They make it easy for customers to find what they want as their products are actually color-coded, which facilitates the purchasing process for the customer. 

At Life Force Kratom, you will find: 

Green Kratom 

One thing about kratom products in the green family, they complement and enhance different types of kratom. Red kratom reduces and relieves pain, green kratom can help to enhance the pain-relieving effects of this particular strain of kratom. White kratom boosts energy and combined with green kratom, the user will certainly experience an enhanced energy boost. Green kratom is very powerful and it can help with certain issues such as low immune system and it also improves brain function. 

If you want to purchase green kratom from Life Force Kratom, there are plenty of options available to choose from. They have more than 15 types available.

Red Kratom 

Just like green kratom, Life Force Kratom has plenty of different types of red kratom available. Red kratom is the most desirable strain of kratom on the market, with most kratom enthusiasts wanting this particular strain. They act as pain and stress relievers and some have stated that they feel less anxious when they read strains of kratom. Some have also said they work better than some conventional medication which is a good thing for those that do not want to take conventional medicine. 

There are about 10 varieties of red kratom available to purchase from Life Force Kratom. 

White Kratom 

White Kratom is good for improving focus and boosting energy levels. Great for students and those who need to study or work for long periods of time without losing focus. White kratom strains also help you to concentrate and complete tasks with less fatigue and lethargy. Some users have said that white kratom has helped them to feel less depressed or anxious. 

If you are interested in purchasing white kratom from Life Force Kratom, they have about ten varieties of white kratom available to purchase. 

Yellow Kratom 

Yellow kratom is excellent for improving energy levels and alleviating chronic fatigue issues. Yellow varieties are also very good for combatting depression. 

They usually have more than 8 varieties of yellow kratom in stock. One thing to bear in mind when purchasing from Life force kratom is that sometimes their products are out of stock because they are sold out pretty quickly. 


It is very difficult to decide whether or not the cost of kratom is too high or low. Simply because there has been no official federal regulation when it comes to Kratom in the United States. Therefore, it is really difficult to judge whether or not the prices are suitable or not. If the quality of the product matches the price then, you should really expect a higher price than many other vendors out there. However, after checking on the prices for Life Force Kratom, the prices are not too bad, they are pretty much normal for the kratom industry, no complaints there. Some kratom vendors that sell high-quality kratom usually either hike up the price or keep the price in the mid-range. I would say that the prices of Life Force Kratom are mid-range. 


Quality is key when doing your research for kratom vendors. One thing you can do is check if they can show you an authentic certificate highlighting that their products have been officially analyzed. There should be adequate information on this certificate and the test should have been undertaken by a lab that is not connected or associated with the company that is selling the products. The lab should be checking for how pure the product is and they should be checking for the exact ingredients in each blend. 

Testing products is an indication of good customer service. Being focused and interested in providing the customer with the best quality is a good indication of the legitimacy of the company. 

The customer should not have to ask for proof of testing either, the seller should provide the information without being prompted to do so.From what we have experienced, we are unsure if Life Force Kratom actually tests their products. We haven’t seen any certificates as we write this review, however, that might change. 

If you really want to get some real and true information about a particular company and the quality of their products, go and hang out in the forums to find out if the products they are selling are good quality. Many genuine customers leave real and honest reviews about kratom sellers and the products they sell. 

When we checked on the forums, lots of people were saying that Life Force Kratom is a good place to purchase genuine kratom however, some buyers were saying that they did experience a few issues but nothing too bad. It is always best to conduct your own research by getting your hands on some samples and testing the company by purchasing products from them and seeing for yourself. 

Buying From Their Website 

What is it like purchasing products from the Life Force website? Is the website easy to navigate? Are the products clearly laid out? Is there enough content available on the site to inform the customer of what they are purchasing. We can say that Life Force Kratom provides a very good website, easy to use and the products are laid out clearly. It would be great if there was more content offered to the customer or potential customer to explain more about the products they are retailing. 

The payment  Options 

The payment options that Life Force Kratom offers are, e-check, money orders, and cryptocurrency. 

When it comes to making payments and not receiving goods, the company is very good at responding to customer complaints or issues. 


Life Force Kratom offers high-quality products, their customer service is very good and the pricing seems to be quite reasonable. They could do a better job of providing better information to their customers but overall, this is a decent company to purchase your high-quality kratom from. 

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