Medical History of Nugenix

The Nugenix Maxx formula has been around for nearly a decade now, promising men the unique opportunity to increase (naturally) their testosterone levels without having to inject themselves with anabolic steroids or take risky chemical cocktails orally.

Marketed as the only premium testosterone booster of its kind, six individual all-natural ingredients come together in this formula to provide increases in energy, athletic ability, speed and strength, endurance, confidence, and the male libido.


Plenty of other products on the market promise the same kind of benefits that Nugenix Maxx offers but few have the same kind of reputation for delivering the results the way that this product can.

It certainly doesn’t hurt that Nugenix Maxx is available 100% over-the-counter with no prescription necessary. Customers can find it in stores like GNC, Vitamin World, and online with ease.

Benefits of Nugenix Maxx

The biggest benefit of the Nugenix Maxx formula is that it provides many of the same testosterone boosting improvements one would expect from traditional anabolic steroids and other testosterone boosting performance-enhancing drugs without any of the same side effects or risk factors.

You aren’t going to be adding any external sources of testosterone into your bloodstream when you choose to use this over-the-counter formula. There’s no injection, there’s no artificial chemicals, and there is no real risk in the short or long-term when using this all-natural supplement.

Instead, this 100% orally available supplement is made of all-natural ingredients that have been conclusively proven (through numerous scientific and clinical trials) to elevate the natural production of testosterone in the body.

Over time, everyone is going to see their testosterone hormonal production levels slow. Men start to see this slow down start to begin in earnest around their mid-30s, and by the time they hit their 40s and their 50s, their overall testosterone production levels are significantly lower than they were in their 20s.

With Nugenix Maxx, it’s possible to naturally elevate those testosterone levels back to prime standards. Your body, especially your pituitary gland, will begin to produce more natural testosterone thanks to the biochemical reaction at the cellular level that these individual ingredients start automatically.

Almost right away those that use Nugenix Maxx are going to notice improvements to their energy level, their mental clarity, and their overall cognitive capabilities. Strength and endurance improvements are going to follow shortly thereafter, it isn’t going to take long for those that use Nugenix Maxx regularly to see major leaps forward in overall athletic performance.

Energy levels are going to even out throughout the day, with high performance the norm rather than peaks of energy and low crashes or valleys shortly after. The male libido is going to increase, the ability to recover from injury and from training faster happens straightaway, and self-confidence and self-esteem levels will shoot through the roof, too.

All of this is going to happen without the fear or risk that traditional testosterone boosters bring to the table.

Potential Side Effects

The 100% all-natural formulation of the Nugenix Maxx supplement allows individuals to improve their testosterone levels without having to expose themselves to external sources of testosterone the way that traditional anabolic steroids and performance-enhancing drugs necessitate.

This means that there’s no fear of steroid rage, there’s no fear of shrinking of the testicles, there’s no fear of hair loss/hair growth, acne, or any issues to the major bodily organs that prolonged usage of anabolic steroids and performance-enhancing substances can cause.

Best of all, the ingredients within the Nugenix Maxx formulation contains zero known allergens. This means they can be used almost universally, can be combined with other supplements as stacking agents to improve performance, and can be consumed on any dietary or nutritional plan.

Dosage Details for Nugenix Maxx

Straight from the bottle, Nugenix Maxx is recommended to be taken once a day (ideally shortly after eating) with a single four capsule serving.

This dosage provides hundreds and hundreds of milligrams of the active ingredients inside of the Nugenix Maxx formula, flooding your body with all you need to naturally produce more testosterone than you were in the past.

It isn’t recommended to exceed this daily dosage. It’s not that you run the risk of exposing yourself to any serious health risks should you use more Nugenix Maxx capsules on a daily basis than the four that are recommended as much as it is that you’ll be wasting the active ingredients by “overdosing” your body.

Though the ingredients contained within are highly bioavailable your body can only handle so much of them absorbed all at one point in time. Take more than four capsules and you’ll find that the excess active ingredients the body couldn’t use are flushed out in the form of liquid or solid waste.

Stick to four capsules per day and you should be good to go.

Final Thoughts

Plenty of testosterone boosting products on the market today promise the moon and the stars when it comes to real results.

Few (if any) have the same kind of successful track record that Nugenix Maxx has when it comes to meeting and exceeding those expectations.

There’s a lot to like when it comes to Nugenix Maxx. It is easily available, produced by a reliable and reputable manufacturer, guarantees a consistent dosage each and every time, and it provides many of the same benefits that anabolic steroids offer without any of the negative side effects.

Anyone interested in fighting back against Father Time, looking to improve their strength and endurance, hoping to recover faster from injury or from intense training, as well as men that want to look, feel, and perform much younger than they might actually be (in pretty much every physical aspect of life) will want to look closer into all that the Nugenix Maxx formulation has to offer.

This performance booster is available in supplement stores, department stores, and online shops around the world and can be purchased without a prescription.

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